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December 1st musings

This image popped up on my Facebook memories from 2018. Yes, it’s beautiful but it also reminds me of long cold winters and up to seven months of ice on Buffalo Pound Lake.

Fast forward to December 1st, 2020: despite the sound of strong winds in the video I found myself quite warm and in awe of the waves. There is a heavy rainfall warning in effect for much of Nova Scotia but so far not much of the prediction has come true and I am so grateful that I was able to get out for my daily beach walk.

Only two days ago we had brilliant sunshine and the opportunity to explore the driftwood beach area leading to Cape Chignecto in Advocate Harbour. Pictures speak a thousand words… enjoy!

And then there were the waves…

…and a little creek making it’s way to the beach…

Yes, there is snow in the forecast sometime next week. I am taking each day as it comes. Hope everyone is staying safe!

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4 thoughts on “December 1st musings

  1. You really captured the textures and lovely terra cotta colours so well…
    I enjoyed the sounds of the moving water .
    No snow here yet!

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  2. Hi all, we are in Arizona and very thankful to be here. We are getting lots of sunshine and activities! I hope all of you are doing well!! Take care.

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