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905 Posts and Counting…

The second miniature book if the isolation series is bound…

It’s amazing how time passes. Nine years ago today this WordPress hosted blog/website went live. It wasn’t my first blog. I had started the blogging journey in 2008 when Apple still offered that option with their word processing package. Learning and adapting to WordPress was a challenge and with multiple updates and so-called improvements the last 11 years have continued to offer learning opportunities.

Here I am, 905 posts in, not necessarily much wiser but a lot more seasoned. 😉 I walked the beach this morning and realized what the date is. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to walk a snow-free beach instead of a frozen lake, all bundled up dodging icy winds. I must say, it feels pretty good.

This has certainly been a challenging year for all of us. Missing out on travel, connecting with friends and family in person and re-adjusting our life-styles has preoccupied us all. Is it any wonder that so many people have embarked on seasonal decorating a little early this year? We are keeping it simple in our rental place as all our Christmas decorations are still in the container in Saskatchewan. I will be moving those boxes straight into the storage area of our new place a month from today… no use decorating for Christmas after the fact.

However, we are not missing out at all this year. The town of Parrsboro and its citizens are going all out to ignite the spirit of the season. These images were gathered along Pier Road, the street we call our temporary neighbourhood. I love walking along this road any time of the day or evening, it is most enjoyable right after sunset as the lights guide me home…

The Fundy Geological Museum is just a few short steps away… where else do you see Santa’s sled pulled by dinosaurs?

And if you are wondering why your Elf has not returned to its shelf… check the trunk of your car! You just never know…

Thanks for checking in! Have a great week, everyone. Stay safe, stay well and stay creative!

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6 thoughts on “905 Posts and Counting…

  1. Parrsboro looks wonderful!! I too love the book – I have been thinking more and more about leporaro (did I spell that correctly??) and other dimensional work. I hope you find a lovely place to hang your hats! xoxo

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  2. Katina on said:

    Love the book. That would certainly be something I would enjoy. I have journaled for more than a decade with pen and paper. Needle, thread and fabric would be a challenge.

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    • Thanks, Katina. The little books are made with paper, collage, found objects, needle and thread. Shortly after I finished quarantine I was invited to participate in the local art gallery’s annual exhibition which prompted me to bind together the pages created during quarantine. Feedback has been quite positive all around.


  3. Jacqueline Irene Van Fossen on said:

    I like your book and it gives me thoughts for ‘cutting edge’ journalling.

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