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Beach therapy…

Ahhhhh, I needed this today. I have not been to the beach since last week Wednesday.

The boxes and trying hard to organize our new place have invaded my mind and with grey, and snowy weather for the most part I thought focussing on packing was the way to go. Not so!

I do take the time to enjoy this fabulous view from our living room window. Coffee in hand I try my best to get comfortable in one of our deck chairs… still waiting on getting some furniture and although we brought a couple comfy loungers we have misplaced the Allen wrenches necessary for assembly.

Four days without the beach is my limit. It was -10C this morning but when I saw the icicles melting I knew it was high time to get out.

The tide is receding. Perfect timing and within five steps from the car I found my first piece of sea glass. What could be better than that?

I am still somewhat overwhelmed with the unpacking process. I realized this weekend that I have not moved from one house to another without having some time to clean and at least organize the kitchen without interruptions or another person in the house with me. For me the kitchen is the control centre. Preparing meals without having to guess where the knives are is such a comfort… I am learning to be more flexible but it’s hard!

My kitchen is far from organized. The coffee station is set up as of yesterday afternoon, a small comfort among the many boxes. And as of noon today I have put an end to living out of a suitcase for three months. Those are small positive steps in the right direction. Squeezing in a trip to the beach is a huge bonus!

Ok, enough procrastinating. Time to head back to work!

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8 thoughts on “Beach therapy…

  1. silkmaid on said:

    We sure know that feeling Anna. We moved nine times in 13 years earlier in our lives and know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by all the labelled boxes awaiting unpacking before one has had time to clean the recipient spaces. But how great that they did arrive safely, and oh, the view you have! What a scenic diversion to pursue while the boxes wait.

    Look for a little mailbox packet I finally entrusted to the post office yesterday, January 14th. It should arrive within a week but could take two, given weather-generated slow-downs either here or there.


  2. Johanna Alford on said:

    Just keep plugging away at the boxes and organizing. Remember how you eat an elephant. I know how you feel when suddenly everything arrives from a move across country and new places you would rather explore.


  3. Sounds like you are doing well in the unpacking stage. Glad to hear you are still visiting the beach and enjoying your new surroundings. We are having a break from the cold weather and are able to go walking more often.

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    • A winter walk always clears the cobwebs of the mind, don’t you agree?
      I am doing not too badly with the unpacking. In fact I am planning a trip to the hardware store tomorrow to get paint for the studio. Gotta get rid of the khaki colour before I can visualize my new workspace. 🤗


  4. paulajolly on said:

    I’m enjoying your pictures from “the east”! It is still on my bucket list. 😊

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  5. So wonderful to hear you’re in your new place. The surroundings look lovely!!

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