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Groundhog Day Check-in

Kitchen window view today!

Looks like winter is here. The forecast says 100% chance of snow.

Living room view

With all that white stuff sind the snow plough barrelling down our street in regular intervals we are not going anywhere today.

Good thing we picked up our couch last Friday and my antique kitchen island in the making was delivered Saturday.

I am happy to share that we finally have a living room to get comfortable in. Gone are the deck chairs and boxes. The couch and chairs are doing their duty. I even found velvet material for curtains at the Truro Fabricville store. It was such a pleasant experience to shop there with friendly and exceptionally helpful staff.

Our living room

“I am not sure where the last three and a half weeks have gone!“ is my go-to exclamation. But then I stop and think: we received the keys late on January 7th, started unloading the container on the 8th, I became completely overwhelmed by “the boxes with our stuff” by January 9th… on the 11th I had to take a beach sanity break and on the 12th I decided to go and buy paint at the local hardware store to change the dull colours in my future studio. I brightened the studio on January 13th and was bitten by the painting bug. Back to the hardware store I ventured and picked up warm and cheerful colours to replace khaki, battleship grey and slate blue on the main floor. Instead I selected “clay fire”, “toffee crunch”, “Mesa beige” and “twinkle toes”.

In contrast, the studio’s colours are “icy bay” and “pink-a-boo”. At the moment I am still opening boxes and trying to unearth supplies to get myself into an organized state in the studio. Colin spent last weekend building and installing shelves in the large closets and the mountain of boxes from the lake studio in Saskatchewan is visibly reduced. Next on the agenda is the installation of new lights to really brighten the workspace. My targeted date to be set up and somewhat organized came and went yesterday… I apologize to those of you waiting patiently for a ZOOM consultation. I more or less bided my time waiting for the big move-in date without much demand. As soon as we moved the requests arrived. Many people thought I would be settled and moved into the house in seven days or less but after being “homeless” for three months I found the “settling in” to our new place just a tad challenging.

On the other hand I would like to sincerely thank those of you who have taken the time to send us cards with housewarming wishes and little gift packages. These brighten our days and help us remember our friends from across the country.

I am not complaining about the work involved in getting settled. I just want to share that it will take me a few more days to get better organized. Things are very good overall! Last week I received an invitation to exhibit in a two-person show at the end of June. I didn’t even apply for this and I already get requests! Yesterday I was asked to take time out to help local folk artist Randy Corcoran with a photo shoot on the beach… here is an image of that.

Randy with “Sparkle” and her cubs…

It was a chilly hour on East Beach looking toward Cape Split but we had a lot of fun!

After I dropped off the images at his house in the afternoon we came across this beauty.

Fox on Whitehall Road

It’s amazing the natural wonders we continue to encounter. I’ll close with an image from Sunday from Blue Sac Road beach. Wishing all of you a Happy Ground Hog Day… let’s hope we don’t see too much more of the white stuff! I am off to tackle more boxes…

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5 thoughts on “Groundhog Day Check-in

  1. silkmaid on said:

    What a whirlwind you have been in Anna. It is good to see that you have taken beach breaks from all that painting and unpacking. The furry fox appears to harmonize quite nicely with your new indoor colour choices. What a great photo. Your winter surroundings even with snow are quite a contrast to Saskatchewan winter scenes – so many nuanced textures and hues found in the sea, sky and ground. Good for you for being invited to exhibit already. We look forward to more visual stimulation from your various ventures. J & C.

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  2. 46eileen on said:

    Anna it is so good to hear that you & Colin are getting settled into your new home. The paint colour choices sound totally intriguing. It makes me want to start doing some of that around our place. I think I will be content to colour some fabric instead. lol
    Bud was started on some new meds which made walking & pain levels much less. We went on a shopping spree for him today. It was wonderful to see him laughing & enjoying himself. He was like a kid in a candy store. Hopefully the effects will last.
    I bet you are anxious to get everything settled & organized so you can start playing again. Remember to pace yourself. Take care………….E

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Johanna Alford on said:

    I feel what you are going through. We moved from BC to Nova Scotia in 2009. Remember how to eat an elephant… bite at a time. So one box at a time. Do not rush or you will be redoing everything again.Take time everyday to enjoy your surroundings which will making organizing much less of a chore. Good luck and enjoy, this is a beautiful province.

    Liked by 1 person

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