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Update from the Studio!

Yes, you read correctly: I have a studio and better yet, I am set up. Despite careful unpacking I am still in the hunting stages for this and that as I cannot always remember exactly where I have put my things. I imagine it will take a little while for me to find my bearings however, with the first project completed I am feeling more at home each day.

First project completed… a special request from two months ago by our grandson for a new hockey shirt. Next of the cutting table: A tent, sleeping bag and knapsack for a 5″ mini-doll for our grand-daughter.

It took exactly a month from moving into the house to get the many boxes unpacked. I am still in the process of hanging some art pieces for inspiration but there is really no rush. For now I am happy to have my computer set up which enabled me to retrieve a presentation I am scheduled to give to the Waterloo and District Quilters Guild on March 17th. I also unearthed the handout and samples for the workshop I will conduct for the same guild in May.

And sometimes I still get a bit overwhelmed but luckily we have a fantastic winter so far. From Sunday to Monday we received about 30 cm of snow and with glorious sunshine it is easy to get out for walks regularly. Yesterday afternoon I connected with my walking group and we ventured out into the woods for a snowshoe excursion. Here are some images from the woods located across from our new home.

I just realized that this is blog post #910. I can hardly believe that number! There will be more coming very soon as I spend time in the studio regularly. Hope everyone is able to hibernate and stay safe. Hopefully we can move about more freely in the near future!

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3 thoughts on “Update from the Studio!

  1. Leona larsen on said:

    Looking great Anna. Now the fun begins. Glad you like you house and location. Beats Buffalo Pound I bet. šŸ˜œšŸ˜œ

    Liked by 1 person

    • Each studio I have had is different. Does it beat the lake studio… the advantage I see is that it is close by so I don’t have to bundle up to get to it during a winter night. It has no view as such because it is in the basement and it is much smaller than my last purpose-built studio. However, I am confident that it will serve me well. Some of the best work I ever did was in the basement in Calgary before we moved to SK.


  2. elinorburwashdesigns on said:

    Anna, it looks great and I am inspired to work more on mine. Elinor


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