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The Early Bird…

…gets the worm – or as in our case: The fabulous ice formations, including some icy hearts for Valentine’s Day 😉 and… driftwood!!! What a great way to spend Sunday morning! Since moving to Parrsboro I have had the opportunity to connect with like-minded artists. Reg Tucker is a photographer and the last two Sunday mornings we connected to explore a couple of beaches. Reg is currently fascinated by ice formations. We spent well over an hour last week exploring iced over puddles. This week we ventured a little further, to Five Islands and Blue Sac Road. This was my fourth time at Blue Sac and that beach never disappoints. Two hours went by quickly as we explored the vast beach as the tide was changing. Words would fail me in describing the experience through the lens of my camera. Instead I will present you with a couple slideshows.

Slideshow #1 gives you an idea of the beach itself and the amazing ice formations that ranged from rather large ice chunks to tiny, crystal-clear pieces and paper-thin sheets. Enjoy!

Slideshow # 2 is equally mesmerizing. As we left the beach area we discovered some frozen icicles along the path and I just had to explore a couple interesting driftwood logs. Again, I believe there is something for everyone. Have fun as you scroll through the images.

By the time we replaced our lens caps and turned to get back to the car the tide was coming in and the sky had turned from blue to grey. We were ready to warm up with a steaming cup of coffee at Reg’s house. On the way we picked up Colin. Imagine my incredible surprise to discover a cushion made from a Mola at Reg’s house! Here is an image… the story and more pictures will be shared another time.

How is that for a splash of red for Valentine’s Day? Have a great rest of the long weekend!

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8 thoughts on “The Early Bird…

  1. Enjoyed the photos Anna. Each one an inspiration to use earthy colours. Looking forward to the story of the cushion; the colours are so vibrant.

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    • Thanks, Linda! Nice to know you liked the images… every day I venture out I am struck by the natural beauty and everchanging landscape due to the tides. Yes, the Mola story… stay tuned! I will share very soon!


  2. Johanna Alford on said:

    Oh so much inspiration all around that mother nature offers the discerning eye.

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  3. 46eileen on said:

    I think that I turned a darker shade of green when I wandered through your beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing them Anna. Hi Colin.

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  4. Brenda Turner on said:

    Thank you for giving me an Atlantic Ocean/beach fix today. I grow weary of -25 and windchill that limits outdoor time.

    Liked by 1 person

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