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From One Year to the Next… Reflecting on Life During Covid Times

Has it only been a year that we drastically shifted our lives? About a year ago this image with a video arrived from BC. It features our grand-daughter fully immersed in her weekly dance class via ZOOM.

It was also the time I was creating my first series of humble masks for ourselves and to share with non-sewing friends and neighbours. The predictions were that this would all be over in two weeks to a month… famous last words, as the saying goes!

These were also the days I would “head for the hills” adjacent to our house overlooking frozen Buffalo Pound Lake in Saskatchewan. I made it my mission to navigate the hills every day, rain or shine, even in strong spring winds that swept across the prairies and through the valleys. It helped me tremendously in coping with the uncertainty around the world. Reports from Europe and especially from Germany (where I still have family and friends) were dire and soon we learned to accept that mask wearing, thorough handwashing and physical and social distancing would be around for a while. I am not sure if I would have ventured a guess that it would be much different a year later. I remember talking with friends and my cautious optimism had long made peace with the fact that these measures will be here for much longer than a year.

Fast forward to March 2021 and many of us have actively reflected on the past 12 months. Some have even baked a cake and lit a candle to commemorate Covid’s First Birthday…

Birthday cake Covid style… our grand kids and son-in-law celebrating Covid’s First Birthday earlier this month.

Yesterday I had time to reflect on the past year during a 3 + hour solitary beach walk. The weather was stunning with a bright blue sky, a light breeze and a very low tide. I decided to head out at the last minute to make sure I could be back for the weekly Creative Cluster in the afternoon. I asked a couple friends to come along but everyone had committed to other activities already. I don’t mind getting out on my own… it clears the cobwebs of the mind and helps me put life in perspective.

Colin dropped me off at the local campground and I started walking toward a landmark I had long wanted to explore.

The images are just straight out of my phone. I was making one picture after another and my battery was getting really depleted. It was difficult to ration my attention… there were so many photo ops. From Geological formations billions of years old to driftwood, pink clam shells, crystal encrusted rocks to my destination of “Clark’s Head” I was fully immersed in the ever-changing landscape and its infinite beauty. Navigating the rocky terrain around “Clark’s Head” I discovered another formation that resembled an ancient dinosaur. I just had to get closer. But by the time I reached the intriguing rock it had lost its magical appearance.

The arch at “Clark’s Head” is awe-inspiring and I moved in as close as I could. On the north side huge boulders made exploration difficult and since I was by myself I had nobody to spot me in case I slipped and got injured. I was able to get a little closer from the southern side from where I had originally approached it. The thought that this was as impressive as an ancient Roman or Greek architectural structure entered my mind and I have to admit that my emotional response was overwhelming.

I know I will return to “Clark’s Head” again. Next time I plan to bring along a knapsack with a battery charger for my phone, some water and the space to haul out a few rock discoveries. 😉

On my way back to the campground I ventured out onto the red mud and sandbanks that had emerged as the tide was retreating. This is what I discovered and followed along for some distance:

The red sandstone cliffs in the background used to be joined to this seam of red sandstone on the tidal flat. This is the kind of phenomena that really drives home how ancient these coast lines are. I have had friends from out West comment on the “dirty” waves or water… Well, this is one reason why the water here is tinted with red. I don’t think I will ever stop my love for learning! Before I knew it I had passed my original drop off point. I told Colin I would text him once I was close to the entrance to the campground. But once I had passed that point I challenged myself to just keep walking toward Parrsboro. It was a lovely walk (just under 15 km) and I only met two people at the very beginning of my hike. The rest of the way I never saw another soul… Just like when I was navigating the Western Hills of the Qu’Apelle Valley in Saskatchewan.

So, a year ago I headed for the hills, these days I head for the beach for my walking therapy. I truly believe that getting out and connecting with nature is the best way to take things as they present themselves. We can’t really change much about Covid restrictions but we can change our personal outlook and attitude.

And, just so you don’t think this is all about my Nova Scotia beach walks: Earlier this week I came across an interesting article that I wanted to share.

Have a look at this essay. I love this Picasso quote copied from it here: The idea that some people see more possibilities than others is central to the concept of creativity.

It’s Wednesday and I am about to venture out with my Walking Group to explore another beach. We had some fog earlier this morning but it has burned off now and the sun is once again illuminating the river at the end of our property. I really look forward to today’s destination called “Soley’s Cove”. It’s a short drive toward the town of Economy. I was assured that it is another magical place. We will be walking on the mud flats at low tide with red sandstone cliffs towering above. Can’t wait!

Hope you are all able to enjoy a sunny spring day! Anna

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