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Lockdown Notes, May 2021

Nova Scotia has been hit hard and awfully fast with Covid cases over the past ten days. It’s really disappointing that patience is wearing thin with so many and measures put in place last year are being cast aside by a few individuals. We are all paying for it now. But this is not a blog post to whine or complain: In truth I am still extremely grateful to be living where we are. We continue to “enjoy” certain freedoms even if we have to keep within a very small bubble. It’s not hard when you are surrounded by breathtaking scenery so easily accessible!

The image above is of one of the impressive historical stone buildings on Victoria Street in the heart of Amherst (it also houses a fantastic quilt shop!). Amherst is in our municipality and I had a good reason to venture there on Monday, I received my first vaccine shot. It was so easy, no wait times, super efficient and thus far I only had a sore arm for a couple of days. It was not debilitating pain, it felt like someone punched you in the arm in good fun but didn’t realize his or her strength. I really only felt it when I raised my arm, like when I pointed across the incoming tide toward the Parrsboro lighthouse (pictured below) on Tuesday evening.

After a super busy seven days spending in excess of 20 hours on ZOOM plus regular computer work, I decided to take it easier this week. I am well prepared for my second day of a two day workshop on line for the Kitchener-Waterloo Guild this coming Saturday, so a lengthy beach excursion was definitely long overdue.

I decided to divide the images into “albums”. Here is Album # 1: Exploring Wasson’s Bluff
(I provided a link to more background info. Click on the highlighted title and read all about the natural history). It’s another magical place for me. I love the diverse offerings. All winter I yearned to return. My first and only trip took place just before Christmas. I am so glad I had a chance to return yesterday. It’s about a 10 minute drive from our home.

It’s often difficult to show the sheer scale of the cliffs, moving in close and capturing details is really more my style. Let me share with you some images in Album #2. It’s all about the rocks, up close and personal:

But wait, there is so much more beauty words cannot describe well enough. Here is Album#3 of the transforming beach as the tide recedes:

I hope the images thus far have brightened your day, whether you are in lockdown or isolating because it is the thing to do to protect ourselves, loved ones and the greater community. I have more images. Album #4 I call “A Passion for Driftwood…” I don’t seem to be able to just walk past the driftwood lining most of the beaches here. Look at that line quality and infinite possibilities enter the mind… Enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I always feel better after my walk and when I have an opportunity to share the sights it becomes even more exciting. My all-time favourite shot is the one below. It came about by accident. I had picked up a rather large driftwood walking stick and as I assessed its height I saw the claw-like top reaching for the sun behind the clouds. To me the image represents hope…

With this in mind, I will sign off for today. My “lockdown letter” didn’t contain many words. But who needs more words on top of daily Covid updates and written communication? After well over a year of those I have decided to opt for more uplifting means of communication. I do hope today’s offerings brighten everyone’s day!

Stay safe! Stay well and reach out anytime if you need to talk. Virtual hugs, Anna

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14 thoughts on “Lockdown Notes, May 2021

  1. on said:

    Thanks Anna,

    Your photos are stunning



  2. kitloewen on said:

    What incredible images Anna! I can’t get enough of those rocks – the colours are amazing. I can hardly wait to see what expression they find in your art. I can also hardly wait to visit Parsboro…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Kit. You will absolutely love this area as I know how much you love the Grasslands and its lichen-covered rocks. While we don’t have the sweeping vistas the vast pastures we can offer you the ever-changing views over the water and countless beaches, each with its own character. Can’t wait for this Covid “thing” to be behind us to welcome you to our new home and province.

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  3. Juliet Nowlan on said:

    Thank you for sharing your truly beautiful photos. I live across the Bay in New Brunswick and don’t think people realise what wondeful area this is and how lucky we are to enjoy it.

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    • Juliet, thank you for commenting on my blog post today. I so appreciate your kind words. I am still getting to know our new home province and the area we chose to live in. The Bay of Fundy is amazing. the first time I encountered it was when we came through Fundy National Park into Alma Beach in NB. I took a picture of a multi-layered grey sky spanning across the beach at low tide with people in the distance exploring the beach. On the horizon was Nova Scotia… I created a textile landscape inspired by this scene. It hung in our dining room in Saskatchewan for the last four years and it is once again in the dining area in our new home. The Bay of Fundy has had a profound influence on me and my husband and I truly feel it kept pulling us where we belong. Once Covid is behind us I hope we can connect in person, perhaps venture out for a beach excursion on your side or ours along a magical Bay of Fundy beach! Stay safe and stay well – do stay in touch! Anna


  4. serafinacreates on said:

    oh my those images of rocks in particular are just spectacular. I felt as if I was right up close and personal. Thank you Anna for sharing. I have a niece living in Nova Scotia, I am always promising a visit , so who knows once this is over and we are more or less all fully vaccinated. Now I will just enjoy vicariously.


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    • Thank you, Marilyn. I am so glad you enjoyed the images. I feel passionate about our new surroundings and it is always great to hear that others are inspired by my photos.


  5. Emilie Belak on said:

    Anna, what lovely pictures and uplifting covid attitude! I can visualize many possibly abstract quilts being inspired by the forms, lines, colors. When Granby river in my backyard goes down, I plan to wonder to its banks. In BC, our covid numbers have climbed up due to younger people flouting the suggested behavior, so presently, there will be RCMP controls on highways between health regions. Though not on a lockdown, we are encouraged to stay within our own communities.

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    • Nice to hear from you, Emilie. Like you, our lockdown rules urge us to stay in our own community as much as possible. However, the beaches are vast and we don’t have a dense population base so it is easy to venture out and still physically and socially distance during a beach excursion. All the best for your river bed excursion on the other side of Canada!


  6. Oh, my, Anna, marvelous stuff! You have me thinking I need to be paying a lot more attention here on the Maine side of the Bay of Fundy. And, yes, keeping up those Covid precautions, too, even after having the second vaccine.
    Stay well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Jnana – I so appreciate your note today! I did not realize you are in Maine. It is one state I want to visit once the borders reopen. It is a haven for photographers judging by images I have seen. We are doing our best to stay safe and keep others around us safe as well. We live in such a wonderful area that no matter how close we stay to our home there is always something to inspire us. Best wishes to you!


  7. Katina on said:

    Amherst has so many wonderful historic buildings. Charles Tupper, once Prime Minister of Canada, was born in Amherst. I was given a quick overview of the town while standing on the Main Street. Some day, when all this nonsense is over, the fibre arts festival will return to Amherst. You will love it.

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    • Yes, Amherst has an amazing history! The first time we visited was in early June 2008. I never forgot about the stunning architecture. It was also the first time we visited Parrsboro but we did not venture to any beach… instead we drove from cemetery to cemetery to find Colin’s ancestors so he could complete more of his family history on his mom’s side.


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