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Bridging Time Between the Beach and the the Studio…

I never grow tired of my beach excursions. The constant natural changes tide action brings with it appeals to me and provides rich inspiration for daily life in and out of the studio. The beach images were captured last evening just as Golden Hour made its presence known and with a day that is a bit on the gray side today I enjoy reflecting on the last images captured with my phone.

I have retreated to the studio today. It’s time to get serious about finishing a piece in progress for my upcoming exhibition at Art Lab. For the past month I wasn’t so sure if it would actually take place but… with Covid numbers steadily declining and no further cases in our immediate community the talk is that the province might announce some re-opening measures as soon as tomorrow.

Truth be told and on a very personal note, I will be happy to loose the Covid hair. My last appointment was cancelled the day before it was scheduled as lock-down rules came into effect immediately. At the time I wasn’t too bothered as my new hair dresser had done a fantastic job last time and my hair cut was fine for a while longer. However, after four weeks over the last appointment I find myself pushing bangs out of my eyes constantly and the colour could use a professional touch as well.

Back to a more studio focused mindset: The gorgeous weather we have enjoyed most days has brought spring conditions all around. The beaches have been beckoning and we have embarked on a few wonderful excursions lately. It’s difficult to stay in my subterranean workspace but I am putting in an honest effort most days. Besides the preparations for the upcoming exhibition I have very much enjoyed the weekly Virtual Creative Cluster group. The vote to continue in June was unanimous and witnessing the slight shift in the group toward more discussion based sessions lately (all with a textile and design focus) has introduced an exciting and dynamic air. With summer approaching I have no plans to start a second group. However, stay tuned for the fall where I will try to accommodate a new group in a time slot that hopefully accommodates those interested across the western provinces.

On a personal note, I am finally moving forward with my photographic dreams. After a long wait (my last photo printer died in 2017) and supply issues due to Covid I finally ordered a new photo printer. I am so excited! Finally a way to print in colour again and work with my images. I also ordered new business cards. A stellar day in moving forward with my art career.

I also finally made the decision to let my Miksang & Haiku blog go dormant. After 4 1/2 years of posting daily it is time to shift gears. Life evolves and so does my personal and creative focus. I spent some time contemplating my next chapter and when I am honest with myself I felt the haiku somewhat limiting lately. I was yearning to dig deeper and put more words to the virtual page. After some journaling and solitary walks in deep reflection I reached the decision to start a new blog. It will continue to feature the contemplative images that present themsleves but it will also become a vehicle for some contemplative writing. I have put in a few hours of work already and after some initial confusion over the domain name and difficulty showing the “About page” the new site is now launched. My first blog post is under construction and will go live on June 1st. A new chapter begins on the first day of a new month. Perhaps you would like to check it out? Feel free to sign up for notifications on

And, I can once again endorse WordPress. I have been blogging with them for nearly 10 years. When I encountered the issues I activated the live chat function and one of their “happiness engineers” was super helpful in solving my problem. I had considered myself a seasoned blogger and after setting up several sites for organizations and personal venues I was completely stumped. I am still not quite sure what the computer gremlins did but together we chased those gremlins away!

I best get on with my day and utilize the time I have in the studio. Hope everyone is enjoying a creative day with or without physical sunshine!

Warm wishes, Anna

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4 thoughts on “Bridging Time Between the Beach and the the Studio…

  1. Laura on said:

    I enjoy your photos and as so many do

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kitloewen on said:

    I’m excited for your new blog adventure! I am also curious about which printer you chose…we don’t have a photo printer, and I wonder if we should…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your note of endorsement. I really appreciate the support and encouragement from a friend. I have ordered an Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wide-format Printer (C11CG43201)… I will report back once I have received it and started a few test prints.


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