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In Focus…

A full week early… my new business cards arrived and I am very happy with them. I used recent photographs which you may or may not recognize. The cards were easy to design and the quality of the paper is tops, so much better than anticipated.

I have been busy with life and, whenever possible, I have made time for another beach excursion. I will share just a few images here from yesterday’s outing where we followed the tide out for 5 hours and were richly rewarded with images not made before. This is Blue Sac Beach near Five Islands in the Bay of Fundy.

Since starting my new blog on June 1st I have pushed most of my images over to that site to make room for more studio based posts here. Have you checked out Fundy Contemplations yet? By clicking on the link here you will arrive at the About page. Just click on the upper right hand corner on “Blog” and it will take you to my daily contemplations. I really appreciate those who have decided to follow the new blog actively, and I appreciate it even more when you take the time to leave a comment. The beginning of a new endeavour, like a blog, brings with it times of doubt and uncertainty… it is also a time where excitement often takes over and one loses sight of a goal. Feedback from readers and visitors is vital during those first few weeks. So, if you have some time on a rainy day or find yourself looking for some light reading over the weekend, please take a few minutes to check it out. Many thanks in advance!

My new printer arrived yesterday and I will be spending some time trying to set it up and run some test prints shortly. It’s always an exciting time to learn something new and expand ones knowledge base and experience. Cross your fingers for me that this set up is as easy as they were in the past. I am dealing with an Epson XP-1500 Expression Photo HD printer this time. The reviews are very good and I am expecting stellar images… I sure hope my expectations are not too high.

I will sign off for today. I am about to connect with a stitcher from Illinois who is passing along her knowledge to her grand-daughter. She will be exploring some Kantha stitching and instead of spending time on a long email to answer questions we will be meeting over ZOOM. Love technology! And how could I resist meeting her in person when it was my grandmother who instilled the love of textiles and embroidery in me? I am always elated when I hear from grandmothers who are passing along their knowledge.

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend,


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3 thoughts on “In Focus…

  1. Hi nice reading your bloog

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  2. Ingrid Langhorst on said:

    Your new business cards are beautiful Anna, and I enjoy seeing your latest photography.

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