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Exciting Times…

The weather continues to be amazing! It’s been hot and humid but, for the last two days the wind has brought relief and I am finding myself torn between the glorious outdoors with limitless photo opportunities and spending time in the studio to get organized for my upcoming exhibition. I am back at the sewing machine finishing the last new piece for the show but there is so much more to think about, including securing hanging rods and the creation of the supporting paperwork. There is rain in the forecast for next week, so I am sure I will get it all done.

While engaged in my morning reading on our sunny deck with my favourite cup of coffee steaming next to me I came across the following passage that seems to be describing my current situation: ” …Though we are most comfortable thinking of ourselves as making progress from here to there – most comfortable working within our contextual dream – our personal context can box us in... we often make up our context for the illusion of comfort that the days are orderly and progressing somewhere. They usually are, but not always toward the order we have imagined or ordained… And yet, losing our context, losing our self-created map of where we are supposed to go, can allow us the grace of remembering that all we need is in the moment we find ourselves in... that moment will lead to the next , if we listen to it. In fact, when feeling that your context has lost its meaning, when feeling trapped within the ambitious parameters you have spun, it helps to lose your map and return to the direct experience of feeling where your foot lands and what your eye sees. Following the immediate can break our patterns and restore wonder as your guide.
from Seven Thousand Ways to Listen by Mark Nepo, Simon & Schuster 2012, ISBN 978-1-4516-7468-2

The passage from the chapter “Lost” hit home. I am have been guilty of regularly mapping my goals. But, since relocating from the prairies to Nova Scotia I find myself more often in “the moment”, breathing deeply, setting aside trepidations I might have about meeting deadlines, or feeling overwhelmed about situations that arise of everyday situations. This is so different for me. I was always running from here to there, taking on more responsibility when asked… I have made a shift somewhere over the past year where I trust the process and life itself to guide me in the direction I need to travel. Perhaps I am maturing…

As you already know, I have become an avid explorer of my natural surroundings using my camera as a tool to capture the landscape in an intimate manner. I respond to light conditions, ancient geological and constantly tidal formations, vegetation in various stages of decay and anything that moves me. Photography for me is a visceral reaction leading to the capture of my immediate experience. The definition of visceral reaction as an almost instinctive, guttural wave of emotions to an experience or stimulus is on point. Your feedback and encouragement when I share images has certainly provided me with continual encouragement.

My new blog has catapulted me forward into another exciting direction. It feeds my soul and my creativity on multiple levels. I am working toward completion of the last textile piece with my machine but a new body of work is already waiting to be explored. It will build on my observations of geological formations and the layers of the landscape I am experiencing. It will be an extension of my photographs…

A friend shared a link with me today. I felt it fitting to share it with you. Hans Strand is a kindred spirit. I had never heard of him before but I think he is someone that may spark your interest as it has ignited mine!

How is your spring coming along? Summer will soon be here and with it some of our restrictions will be lifted. Are you looking forward to inter-provincial travel, connecting with family and friends to celebrate or are you taking life at a slower pace to make sure we stay safe and test some of the uncharted ground post Covid19… Leave a comment below and share what life has in store for you. I am always interested!

Enjoy your weekend, Anna

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7 thoughts on “Exciting Times…

  1. Hi Anna! I am in a similar situation, in that I find myself back on the prairies, but with no apparent direction forward. After trying to push something to happen all winter, I find myself sitting back and letting the Universe direct me as to where I need to be each day.
    I am so enjoying your photographs, you capture things that I would likely miss, yet they remind me of my time on the coast. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I hope you will continue to share your photos šŸ™‚

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    • Thanks for sharing, Jody. I think sitting back and letting the Universe direct you is not a bad situation to be in. Glad you are enjoying my photos. Going out nearly every day has really been wonderful. I feel so fortunate to live in this amazing part of Canada.


  2. Helene on said:

    Oh Anna! I am so pleased to hear you speaking this way! I have watched you become enchanted with Nova Scotia through your lens. But to hear you feel and appreciate the immediacy of your surroundings (of life really) in a cognitive, touchable way, really moves me. I feel this way all the time and I sometimes feel ‘other’ because I get lost in the moment. All the bloody time!The moment is always now and it’s sometimes hard to pull away and go to the ‘other’. to the ‘what’s coming up’ and other intrusions into the very present. T

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  3. pdtremblay on said:

    Hi Anna,always enjoy reading your blogs. Well we are planning to travel west. We will be connecting to family and friends. Than

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