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Just had to share!!!

If you know me you are aware that I have a certain fascination with kimonos… My friend Nancy from Sault Ste. Marie forwarded the following link to me:【pics】/

Here is the message she sent along with it:

“As part of the Olympics, there was a project to create many kimonos each  to represent different countries .
There is a bit of an article at the beginning to briefly explain the project.

Many of the kimonos are shown is this article.
Very interesting what each country created.”

Thank you, Nancy! This was very exciting to read. I hope you all enjoy this article as much as I did! Anna

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13 thoughts on “Just had to share!!!

  1. Hi Anna,

    Thankyou for sending this to me. I love Kimonos, in fact I have hade one . I wish I would have had the choice of silks that were used here!!!

    Love <ya Karen Jurek

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  2. Wow to die for. Love them all. So colourful.

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  3. Marilyn CLULOW on said:

    I read this a few days ago and found it incredibly fascinating. It was interesting to see how they designed the kimonos according to some striking element of the country


  4. Gillian McDougald on said:

    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful creations. So much to look at. So many ideas for all of us who tell stories with quilts.

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  5. Janet Wilhelm on said:

    Thank you for sharing this. Each is beautiful in its own way. I am glad I do not have to pick a favorite.

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  6. Thank you for sharing, those are amazing! I did not know about this project.

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