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More Thoughts on Up-Cycling…

Last week I posted all about the two new sweaters I created from the recycled yarn I salvaged from the Master Knitter blanket for the 1990s.

While knitting I listened to/watched several documentaries about wasteful fashion practices. It is one of the topics we discussed in depth during our Creative Cluster Gatherings via ZOOM this spring. And, it is a topic that continues to stay current.

I am an Amazon Prime subscriber (please don’t judge!). I very much appreciate the offerings of documentaries which I can stream on my iPad. Here are three documentaries that I would like to recommend:

Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion

The True Cost

DYING for Fashion

Another documentary I really enjoyed and found educational was African Spirit. It is a celebration of the diversity of Ethiopia’s culture and wildlife.

Sharing these titles might help you with spending time indoors during another heatwave or during a day where rain makes it difficult to pursue other plans.

Do you have book titles or documentaries you would like ot share? Leave them in the comments below. We all love to dive deeper into the subject matter of “fast fashion”.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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