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Moving Swiftly Toward Autumn

The days are getting shorter, evening mist often brings cooler temperatures and the activity level in our town is revving up a bit. Covid numbers are slowly creeping up again but we do what we can to stay safe. Hopefully it is enough.

Last week manifested itself as a bit of a turning point, or so it appears. Before I share what happened, I am reflecting back on the last year first. One year ago today we accepted an offer on our property in Saskatchewan. It took almost another three weeks before the buyers were able to finalize their finances but in the end the inspection revealed no deficiencies and a resounding “There is nothing wrong with this property. We would be happy to move in here tomorrow!” by the two home inspectors. It finally sealed the deal in mid-September making it possible to share the news with friends, by October 8th we were east bound. I can hardly believe we have lived in Parrsboro for more than ten months already. With Covid we were happy to ease into the town slowly.

Lately cultural activities have picked up. Just as an example, the Sunday night concerts at the bandstand across the street from Tim Horton’s have been a popular destination for several Sundays. Yesterday it was announced that the concerts will be extended into September.

As I mentioned, last week was one filled with unexpected developments. I connected with two other fiber artists in town and we are actively planning a fibre event for October 3rd at the Geological Museum. We call all knitters, crocheters, weavers, dyers, spinners, basket weavers, rug hookers, quilters and anyone supporting these activities to join us that day to explore the many possibilities. We are in the early stages of organizing a local Fibre Arts Guild. Stay tuned for more news!

My second bit of news is that I was invited to join the writers’ group that gathers every Tuesday. I just finished the assignment for this week… and am looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. This should strengthen my writing muscle.

Parrsboro is a small town, in case you haven’t gleaned this from my posts. I did share a walk about town on my other blog last week. Here is the link in case you missed it. Last Tuesday was election day in Nova Scotia and I was heading home from a hair appointment when I passed a citizen on her way to participate in the democratic process. Bernice was eager to engage, we exchanged a few pleasantries and were soon on our ways. On Wednesday she called… after using her resources and connections with mutual friends. She had obtained my number from one such friend and immediately came to the point; she was looking for one female to fill the last role in the play she was preparing for the annual Ten Days in October activities at Ottawa-House-by-the-Sea. I agreed to have a look at the script… and for her it was a foregone conclusion once I entered her home that I would agree to take on the role of Sally… Hmmm, I seem to have lost my ability to take things slowly.

This is it: Three major commitments in the near future on top of preparing for my Artist in Residence stint at ArtLab Studios from October 15th through November 14th. There is so much to juggle and it has been a while since I have engaged in a community. Talk about jumping in with both feet. On the upside, it provides me with goals and some structure to ensure I can contribute.

Speaking of commitments, I volunteered to start on a brochure for the fibre arts guild which I need to have drafted by Wednesday. So, I will sign off for today! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! Anna

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3 thoughts on “Moving Swiftly Toward Autumn

  1. Eileen Bayda on said:

    Obviously Anna is on the move again. Lol. I am so glad that things are falling in place for you with the move. Doors close and others open.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kristi on said:

    Such wonderful ways to engage with your new community. Seems like a perfect fit for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Marilyn CLULOW on said:

    kudos to you Anna, you have hit the ground with both feet and you are off. Isn’t it nice to know that all you are capable of is just shining through and recognized. Sounds as if Nova Scotia is a good choice in this next phase of your life. Enjoy and many blessings.


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