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Sharing my Art…

One night last week I startled away with a great idea. At least I thought it was a great idea. As many of you know, despite my studio sale in 2017 I still have about 100 original art pieces in my studio storage area. Creating new bodies of work for various exhibitions over the past twenty years will create surplus no matter how well your work sells. I don’t mind holding on to the pieces as there are always opportunities for exhibition.

Back to the sudden awakening: I remembered a piece I created in 2009. It was a conglomeration of experiences I had while visiting and exploring the American Southwest, the Badlands in Alberta and Saskatchewan and even the impressions from eroding sea stacks on the Oregon, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia coastlines.

The piece is a triptych, not your usual side-by-side wallhanging but one that is made up of layers that are to be installed one behind the other. The piece is also rather long, three meters long to be exact! Not many galleries have high ceilings to display this piece to their full advantage.

Fast forward to Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. The Fundy GeoPark has recently opened a satellite office in Parrsboro. I had visited and supported the storefront after we arrived until its closure at the end of September. It was a lovely store that sold local handicrafts, souvenirs and home-baking. The storefront did not stay empty for long, the GeoPark was moving in!

This is where the idea manifested itself. I have connected with the executive director Beth Peterkin through the choir, last week’s award ceremony and at various social events. Beth is always open to new ideas but this idea was one I wasn’t too sure about… with fibre art not always getting the respect and recognition it deserves. I set up an appointment last Friday, had my little catalogue with the image of the piece but also toted along the actual piece.

I knew the space had very high ceilings and I felt the piece has some geological significance. I have renamed it “Pangaea”. And I wasn’t wrong in my idea… All I had to do was unroll the pieces and Beth’s eyes lit up. She loves it! We secured a ladder, some help from our respective life partners and hung the piece(s) yesterday morning. I am so thrilled that this piece of art will be functional as well as decorative.

Beth was looking for a space divider to close off the administrative space from one where file cabinets and other resource materials will be stored. “Pangaea” is versatile, the way it is displayed at the moment is the realistic side and translucent layer facing the public. The back is more abstract with a specially treated Lutradur layer providing interest as light and shadow add dimension.

Life continues to be interesting and rich as it unfolds in our new home province and so close to home. I am grateful for the opportunity to add art to the community and engage with individual members and organizations.

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2 thoughts on “Sharing my Art…

  1. Ingrid Langhorst on said:

    This is a beautiful piece, and what a great opportunity to showcase it. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Wow, what a beautiful piece! And a great place to show it as well!

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