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Another Weekend, Another Storm😜

Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast has certainly “enjoyed” some true Winter weather thus far. What a difference a year makes for us living in Nova Scotia and comparing it to a very mild version last year! With the exception of one weekend 2022 has blessed us with snowstorms, strong winds and, as of today, with an ice storm that doesn’t want to ease off.

It is what it is: after all, we live in Canada! I used to really embrace this type of winter weather because it provided me with ample time in the studio. These days I have to admit that I miss my outdoor time. After nearly two full years of social and physical distancing I feel I have perfected the practice and am ready to bust out of the restraints.

January was utilized to get certified as a Fundy GeoPark Ambassador as well as a Nova Scotia Walk Leader. Whenever possible I have ventured outside by myself or a with a couple of like-minded friends to explore the beaches and even take in the local dam with waterfall.

My lastest socks, grey and white pair in progress

I spent several hours cutting strips for an improvisational quilt that is stalled at the moment as I feel the absence of a challenge. My sock knitting is about the only thing I have been using to keep my fingers nimble. I can finally just grab the double pointed needles and whip up a pair of socks without a pattern. I don’t mind the countless tiny stitches it takes to complete another pair. I have tested various German sock yarns from Deanne Fitzpatrick’s store in Amherst and discovered a couple favourites. I find knitting socks akin to meditation. I don’t rush the process! I settled on a fishermen’s rib for a long cuff that folds down over my hiking boots; this is followed by a sturdy, hard-wearing heel flap and the rest is mindless knitting until I shape the toe. I dislike grafting stitches, so once I have 16 stitches left, I turn the sock inside out and knit together 8 stitches from each needle while casting off at the simultaneously. At the moment I complete a pair a week only knitting in the evenings. Most of the socks I keep 😊 but a couple of pairs made it to new owners for a birthday and Christmas present.

A close up of the fishermen’s rib cuff and the hard-wearing heel flap
My favourite toe finish

But, life is not all sock knitting and procrastination on my quilting project. Just yesterday I received the confirmation of dates for my solo exhibition in the large gallery space on Grand Manan, NB. If you live close, or plan to travel, my work will be on exhibit from August 21st through September 9th, 2022.

February 1st saw a return to connecting with the members of the Creative Cluster via Zoom. After our sharing session we decided to embark on some new inspiring research. Our focus this year will be on architects/architecture styles or sculptures to explore 3-D aspects for our personal art practice. The group is going strong with nine committed members. I look forward to our progress!

I will leave you today with a wintery image from our backyard. It is one of my favourite images I have captured this year. If you are new to my blog here, you might enjoy checking out my photography blog as well.

Wishing you all a safe, warm and cozy weekend! Anna

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  1. Those socks are beautiful and look for comfy.

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