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It’s been a while…

…and it’s almost a bit embarrassing when I think about how fast the time has moved. This winter was long and a little cooler than last year. In spite of that, we have weathered it well.

Where do I begin in catching you up? Those who continue to follow me over on have been following my beach and nature explorations. Thank you to all who have shown your support there. Your comments and “likes” are much appreciated. In case you didn’t know about the other blog, I post to it daily: there are mostly photos, some haikus and general ramblings about my explorations in and around the Bay of Fundy.

This blog I am posting to right now still deals with my fibre art interests.

Let me try and recapture some of the things that took place since my last post on February 4th. All through February and March, the online Creative Cluster continued to meet on Tuesdays. There was a bit of a slow down during the first week of spring due to an unexpected hospital stay. I ended up with an emergency appendectomy on March 19th. It didn’t take long for me to bounce back from that because I worked hard at regaining my strength and energy.

In March I started a Wednesday morning walking group here in Parrsboro. It is under the auspices of NSWalks who certified me as a leader in January. The group is going strong and we are still gaining new members every week.

The Creative Cluster has scaled back a little and we have decided to meet once a month only for the foreseeable future. With quilt shows, gardening and numerous outdoor activities starting up again the focus becomes a little fragmented. Change is good, right?

Just this week I spent several long days that lasted well into the night reorganizing my studio. I grew tired of looking for something and having to go through numerous storage containers every time to lay my hand on a specific tool or supply. I wasted so much time! So, I purged! There were quite a few dried-up acrylic paints that went into the recycle bin; I identified gel pens that would no longer make marks; there were Sharpies that had seen better days… I located all my pencil crayons: Who knew I had so many sets? This is what happens when you visit art supply stores without taking stock ahead of time… like a kid in a candy store! Some of the sets are still sealed! I have made a public vow: there will be no more trips to the art supply store for coloured pencils, Inktense blocks or pencils, chalk and oil pastels… Oh, and then there are the beads! So many beads! I need to have a studio sale as I know I will not be able to use all these supplies for as long as I live.

With spring in full swing, an exhibition opportunity has come my way. Art Lab has invited me to show work with three other artists. The exhibition opens on May 27th. I am trying to decide what to show but I am leaning toward some of my realistic landscapes.

I have not been idle exploring new ideas. A Cricut Maker has recently joined my lineup of tools and I am busy practicing new techniques to get proficient at designing my own items. Best of all, I finally set up and activated my photo printer. That was a long time coming!

My latest new endeavour is inspired by my niece in Germany I have turned my attention to creating miniatures. I don’t plan on building and furnishing dollhouses. At the moment I am building up my skills by creating 1:12 scale furniture and accessories. It’s quite addictive! Stay tuned and I will share some images in my next post. I promise it won’t be another two months till you hear from me. It is my intention to post once a week here.

What have you been up to? Are you busy creating quilts for Ukrainian refugees? Are you exploring a new passion? Why not share what you have been up to below in a comment? I promise to reply to everyone who leaves a message. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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14 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. silkmaid on said:

    What artistry there is in those adorable miniatures, Anna. And in the photos of those lovely budding flowers and leaves. That you bounced back so quickly from an emergency appendectomy is surely partly due to the excellent state of physical fitness and good health you have acquired in your maritime hiking and walking ventures. Good for you! As for all your purging of art supplies, yes, I have been doing a good deal of that too. A good way of waiting for spring to finally make itself felt here, which is happening very slowly this year. We are grateful for every mild and low-wind day!

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  2. How did you know Anna??? Yes, I am making a quilt for a family arriving from the Ukraine. My sister and her family are sponsoring the family who are just waiting for their visas to arrive. So looking forward to meeting them.
    Glad you have recovered so well. My daughter had the same experience in the middle of covid. It was touch and go but the surgery finally happened and she seems to have recovered well.
    I have been searching out plants and anxious to get out in the yard. Beautiful weather this week!

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  3. Vivian Farrar on said:

    Anna, I always enjoy your posts-was worth the wait! You have a full life; it leaves me impressed & envious of your creativity & endless projects. Sorry to hear about the unexpected surgery, but great to hear you worked hard at recovery. I’ve been away from any creative pursuits due to cataract surgery, so once that’s behind me I’m playing ‘catch-up’!
    I have totally switched gears from art quilting, back to my original love of garment sewing. Totally me-made wardrobe now, testing for indie pattern designers, and sewing for family

    I’m determined to head to Parrsboro this spring or summer so I can finally meet you in person, and perhaps restore my art quilting enthusiasm. My daughter & I continue to be grateful for your praise & endorsement of the Stanton Protocol. It’s changed her life, allowing her to feel confident enough to start her family! Due in July…he will be my second grandson. Life is grand, isn’t it?

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    • Oh Vivian, such great news!!! Congrats on the second grand-baby! Such wonderful news and in part due to the Stanton Migraine Protocol.
      Back to your original passion of garment sewing? That is wonderful. I did the same three years ago! Any creative endeavour breeds new ideas and possibilities. I don’t like to get fenced in and sometimes I am viewed as not having a clear path… I just like variety and prefer to stay open to new ideas. Sounds like you are much the same!!
      I also hope you can come to Parrsboro soon! Do let me know when you plan to visit. I am anxious to meet you in person!


      • Vivian Farrar on said:

        Anna, I’ll wait until the weather is more predictable so I can get some walking/hiking in, nearby- as well as a visit to your studio. Thank you!

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      • Vivian Farrar on said:

        Hello again Anna,
        I have made plans with a sister to meet up in Parrsboro on the 8th – next Wednesday. We are going to do some exploring in the area. ☺️
        Can I get in touch either that day, or on the 9th? I’d like to see the exhibit at Art Lab as well….perhaps you’ll be there one of those days!


  4. Eileen Bayda on said:

    Hi Anna
    I’ve enjoyed your daily posts immensely. We’re finally getting to the end of the Reno saga so will continue with the purge & reorganization routine. Playing in my greenhouse in the “spare” time. Bud’s doing well. We’re both looking forward to summer and being outside much more. Have a great day.

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  5. LindaSeemann-Korte on said:

    Hi Anna, Great to hear from you! I am always inspired by your creativity! Below is one of my Covid projects inspired by Terry Rowland’s stained glass quilting technique and some orphan machine embroidered blocks that needed to belong somewhere or be purged! I enjoyed the improv piecing! Take care! Linda Seemann Korte

    Sent from my iPhone


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  6. Great to see this post! I hadn’t realized it had been so long. Your Fundy Contemplations blog has stopped being delivered to my inbox, so while I don’t see every post when it is posted, I eventually wander over and catch up.
    Glad you have recovered from your unexpected surgery as well. I will eagerly look forward to seeing your new work.

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    • Hi Jody, great to see your comment. Yes, time flies and every time I tried to get something up another obstacle got in the way. Glad you have not given up on me. About not receiving notifications: WordPress often does maintenance and it appears that they reset things in the back resulting in the fact that notifications for subscribers get switched off. You can always resubscribe! Take care and have a fabulous Sunday!


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