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Creativity Update

You guessed it: with the fantastic weather lately my time in the studio is falling short. Whenever possible I try to head outside to explore new hikes, lead my weekly walking group and give my camera a little workout.

I had the best intentions to share my miniature creations within a week of posting last… but it has taken a little longer to gather my thoughts. I was also trying to complete another couple Art Deco inspired furniture pieces…

The miniature challenge journey began with the invitation to create a hobby horse in 1:12 scale.

Challenge number two involved the creation of a chaise lounge which was a lot of fun. I decided to add a comfy chair as well. The idea to create a library room was born.

Instead of an ordinary desk I researched Victorian lap desk and came up with the above fully stocked desk, ready for journaling and letter writing. This was challenge number three.

The lap desk needed a table to sit on when not in use… something Art Deco was challenge number four.

The grandfather clock challenge came next… this one started out with a watch face, a tongue depressor, discarded acetate packaging and water colour stock… it is also in 1:12 scale. No, it’s not functional. And the only thing I had to buy were the hinges.

Keeping the library theme in mind I just finished varnishing the bookshelf and plant stand. I plan to create the miniature books to fill the shelves.

Here is the space these pieces will occupy. I created the floor from popsicle sticks stained with acrylic ink. I am pondering a rug… the space itself is a terrarium I moved from Calgary to SK and now to NS. No plants have ever successfully survived, it’s time to repurpose its function.

Thanks for your patience and interest. Hope you enjoyed my sharing session today.

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4 thoughts on “Creativity Update

  1. That is amazing Anna !

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  2. Alicebrody on said:

    absolutely delightful!

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