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Summer Catch up…

Parrsboro Lighthouse up close and personal

It’s the end of August and I will not even apologize for the long absence from this blog. Summer was packed: A guest bathroom addition to our home, family visiting for the first time since living in Nova Scotia, various volunteer commitments, kicking off my guided ocean-floor touring business and supporting a local art project and getting ready to deliver a body of work to the Grand Manan Art Gallery made me find enough excuses not to blog. I won’t even mention the numerous medical trips to Amherst and Halifax…

Let’s start with my contribution to the Chair-ity Auction for the Cumberland County Health Care Foundation Palliative Care Fund. I am not a painter and when I received the primed Adirondack chair through Art Lab I pulled a blank. I ended up taking the chair home. Using my Shiva oil sticks I created a beach-inspired chair with the Parrsboro lighthouse as my inspiration.

The chairs are on display at the Amherst Centre Mall on South Albion Street until August 31st. Online bidding is open until the same date.

With the chair completed and delivered it was time to focus on the family visit. The seven days with Nicole and her family went by in a flash. Here are a few images that capture our time together.

Getting my endeavour of organizing ocean-floor tours for visitors to the area has kept me busy. Schedules vary each day as I have to adjust the outings to the tides. My biggest group was a family reunion bus tour to Advocate and Cape d’Or in early August. With 26 people I had a busy Sunday. Other bookings usually accommodated one to four visitors. Most of these bookings came through The Pleasant Street Inn (thank you to the owner, Heidi Gramling). It is wonderful to work together with other Parrsboro and GeoPark Ambassadors.

With events returning to regular schedules it was time for the “Not Since Moses” run from Soley Cove to Five Islands on August 14th. It was a rainy morning when the Geopark Seniors gathered to help with registration and protecting the endangered Mud Piddocks. I was part of the Mud Piddock protection squad.

Just a week ago today we were on our way home from Grand Manan where I delivered artwork to the gallery. On the map, Grand Manan looks like it is located “just across the Bay”. In reality, it is about a four-hour drive to the ferry terminal in Blacks Harbour and a 90-minute ferry ride to the island. We spent a night in St. George on Thursday, then took an early morning sailing to Grand Manan. We arrived home close to 9 pm Friday. The volunteers hanging the exhibition did an outstanding job on Saturday and I truly appreciate the hard work that went into getting it all up and presented so well. The exhibition runs until September 9th. The Grand Manan Art Gallery is open every day. (Grand Manan Art Gallery images credit to Mary Hawkins)

I am going to take some time next week to get ready for the next Creative Cluster session. Changing the day to Thursdays (twice a month) will keep me busy with 12 participants. I would like to commit to posting more regularly but I won’t make any promises as we are dealing with some important medical appointments as well.

I hope today’s post has caught you up with my crazy summer. How is your summer going? Share in the comments below if you like! Take care and have a great weekend, Anna

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5 thoughts on “Summer Catch up…

  1. Susan B on said:

    I like your summer blog very much. I’m so glad you had time for me. Thank you for being so gracious.

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  2. Katina on said:

    Love the chair. Such talent whether you are wielding a needle or brush. Busy summers make for winter memories.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nadine Tempel on said:

    The summer passes also in Germany hot.Now storms come.I had not yet time to listen to your message because the children leave me no quiet minute.The contribution was very interesting.Especially the exhibition part.I wish I would have been there.Kindest greetings from Germany Nadine

    Liked by 1 person

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