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Updated: December 31st, 2020

Inspiration Kantha – Creative Stitchery and Quilting with Asia’s Ancient Technique 


Autographed copies are available from the Author. Anyone interested in a signed copy of the book please email Anna directly. Make sure to put Kantha Book in the subject line of your email. The book retails for Can. $ 35.00 + postage (somewhere between $ 12 to $ 15 per book)

Chapters Indigo has added Inspiration Kantha to their line up of books. They offer free shipping, no minimum purchase amount! Let’s hear it for THE Canadian Book retailer! Here is the link if you are interested in ordering.

Canadian and US orders are shipping from and Here is the direct link. for US customers.
Here is the direct link for Canadians

To organize a book signing event please contact Anna directly. The sooner we connect the better, as books will be pre-ordered by the author.

Bonus Tutorial for Readers

Select reviews of Inspiration Kantha on

Thank you to those who have submitted unsolicited reviews to the author directly:

Susan G., Moosomin, SK: I have been enjoying your book and wanted to congratulate you again on such a successful and inspirational book.  It is truly lovely and so full of information.  I was drawn to it immediately because of the photographs but as I have spent time with it I realize that it is truly a gem of instructions and more.  I’m so looking forward to putting my hand to the work and trying out the techniques. It will be wonderful to have this book as a reminder of you and our coming together at AQC.  I wish you much success with the sales of this amazing work.  You can be as proud of this masterpiece as you should be of the pieces you have created in your journey with Kantha.  What an inspiration you are to us.   FYI – I have also posted a review on Amazon to let others know the great value of your book.  Thank you for signing mine it makes it even more special.

Nelly K, Kingston, ON: I just want to let you know that the ‘Inspiration Kantha’ book arrived in good shape, thanks to your excellent packing.  I browsed all the way through the pages and it’s wonderful!  The photography is awesome!  Thanks so much for sending it early with a lovely signed message.

Maggie B. D., Toronto, ON: I just received my copy of “Inspiration Kantha ” tonight. Congratulations – it looks fabulous! The first impression was I loved the size and shape of it. Of course, I flipped through immediately so…thanks for giving me such a beautiful spread!  The photo inserts look super. – I read “Inspiration Kantha” from cover to cover. Your writing is flowing and instructive and the directions for projects beautifully simple with super illustrations. The paper is lovely too.

Ruth S, UK: Hello and belated Happy New Year from the UK. My daughter bought, as a Christmas present, a copy of your book. It is truly inspirational and I am delighted to find your website. I have attended two classes on kantha and have undertaken very small projects. Your book, however, has moved me greatly with a stronger desire to learn and do more. Your talent is very special and transcends the pages; thank you. I hope that you might, one day, find yourself in the UK, leading and inspiring your beautiful art work.



15 thoughts on “KANTHA BOOK

  1. It is WONDERFUL that you are introducing kantha work to the “western” quilters. I would love your book. However, i want to point out that referring to kantha as an “Asian” technique is a gross injustice to the culture and tradition that produced kantha. To lump the folk art of a single region and a single people to an amalgam of ancient traditions of the largest continent on earth is to belittle the history of that people. If you had even called it “Indian” i would have understood. Kantha firmly belongs to the Bengali people of the eastern region of the subcontinent of India. You know – Bengal – land of the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Ganges Delta, largest delta in the world, and the preferred region of the British Raj to set up shop. Please attribute the correct region and culture in your sales literature about this book. If you are going to appropriate another people’s traditions, have the grace to do it correctly and give credit where credit is due.

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    • Thank you for you comment. I totally agree that it is u just to lump Kantha into one term… I took it up with publisher several times pointing out that it is it’s own group. If you have ever worked with an assigned editor who has little or no experience in embroidery you would understand how dismayed I was when several vital definitions and exact location and historical references were completely cut from my original manuscript. I apologize for the injustice on behalf of the publisher.


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  3. Sandra on said:

    Hi Anna, I am new to your blog and very new to Kantha embroidery. I like the look of your new book and would love a signed copy. But I live in Ireland so not sure how it works. Do I pay when I pre-order or when the book is out in August?

    About Kantha, I have longed to try it since I saw my first Kantha quilt online and would dearly love to make one. Is it ok to use 100% cotton or does the fabric needs to be lighter? Sorry about all the questions…I’m just anxious to get started. I am thinking a baby Kantha.

    Happy stitching
    South Kilkenny
    Rep. Of Ireland


    • Hi Sandra,
      Welcome to my blog and to Kantha Embroidery. And thank you for expressing interest in my new book. I just sent off the last edited proof to the editor and will await one final chance to ok the layout before it all goes to the printer.
      I am not sure if you want to wait till the end of August to start your first Kantha. And I don’t think sending an autographed copy will come cheap as shipping to Europe is very expensive. I know, I send things to my family in Germany regularly and can’t get over the high prices Canada Post charges… so my suggestion is to just go ahead and order the book on Amazon. If you then want an autograph and dedication I can send a scanned copy of that when the time comes. You can insert it into the book. I will also email you privately. Look for my email.
      Happy creating, Anna


  4. Hélène/Mother Willow on said:

    The reason I so like this kind of artwork is for inspiration in my drawing designs. Tangling has been a fun hobby of mine for a while and the Kantha art designs are lending inspiration for me to get me back to drawing.

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    • Helene, I replied to your response a while ago but just noticed that it went into cyberspace. You must think I am not appreciative of you taking the time to leave a comment. I agree with you, kantha and Zen Tangles are definitely centering and both inspire to delve further into drawing. It is part of my contemplative practice.

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  5. Cayuga Lily on said:

    Have seen it offered by Target in New York.


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  7. Let me say “I CANT BELIEVE I FOUND ANOTHER KANTHA ADDICT”!!!! I cant believe it, nobody else even knows what Im talking about, I want your book and Ill want you new book in 2017 too. This is so exciting to find another kantha gal! Im in Tennessee, US but still…:)

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